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with an Equity Lens

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Rose City Philanthropy connects mission-driven professionals with nonprofit organizations in Oregon, Washington, and California.  We get to know your organization’s unique contribution to the community and stage of development and tailor our process to your needs.

Many of our clients strive to diversify their board and staff and apply an equity lens to all aspects of their work. We meet organizations where they are and lead them through a customized process that models equitable practices and how to operationalize them. 

Need Help with Your Nonprofit Executive Search?

“We needed the boost from Lara…
the search was worth every penny. 

Bridget Calfee, HomePlate Youth Services, Founder and Executive Director
Bridget Calfee
HomePlate Youth Services
Founder and Executive Director

Our organization was at a new stage of growth and using a search consultant sounded supportive and helpful in our busy time. It totally was!  Lara led our search team through a hiring process that engaged our strengths, using her equity tools and approach while leaving space for adaptation to HomePlate’s equity practices. The search resulted in unanimity among the search committee (board and staff) to extend an offer to Marie Piayai, Marie quickly integrated into our organization and exceeded our Giving Tuesday fundraising expectations just a few months after we hired her.  I think we needed the boost from Lara to have someone with expertise and dedicated time to finding the right person. Marie is the right person. And having her has been so helpful as we are embarking on a new stage in our organization’s development that requires additional expertise in major gifts, fundraising strategy, and messaging.  The search was worth every penny!

— Bridget Calfee, Founder and Executive Director, HomePlate Youth Services

Looking for an Executive Director or Development Director?

“Lara had my best interests in mind…” 

Marie Piayai HomePlate Youth Services
Marie Piayai
HomePlate Youth Services
Director of Development and Communications

Rose City Philanthropy was as much my consultant as they were HomePlate’s. Lara was super responsive from the very beginning of my application submission, offering her time to answer questions and really understand what I was looking for in my next career move. Not only did she put HomePlate’s social justice focused goals front and center, but she was able to identify that I was eager for a role that allowed me to wear different hats. I’ve been ready for a director-level role that highlights both my passions and skills in development and communications, and Lara had my best interests in mind throughout the whole interview process (which was entirely virtual). She has continued to act as a mentor and coach in my onboarding process! I truly feel supported and set up for success as I get acclimated to my new role and to the PNW!

— Marie Piayai,  HomePlate Youth Services Director of Development and Communications

Need Help with Your Nonprofit Executive Search?

Lara Miller is a Certified Diversity Recruiter

Lara Miller Rose City Philanthropy Partner Consultant Portland Oregon
Certified Diversity Recruiter